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Weekend Update Thursday the Third

October 1, 2009

This marks the first Weekend Update Thursday without Amy Poehler, should be interesting to see how things shape up. As much as I love Amy, I’m not too disappointed. As anyone who reads this blog will know, I am a pretty unabashed Seth Meyers fan. We’re also coming after a really, really bad season premiere.. so let’s step it up, guys.

Jumping right in, just as the episode is. No opening sketch, no “live from New York!” just Seth. Who starts it off with a Palin joke and an adorable little swine flu related baseball joke. Follow Meyers on Twitter. You’ll get a lot of adorable little baseball jokes.

Moving on! We’re going to talk about Roman Polanski. A story that I cannot stand. And it would be awesome if Seth did a “Really?!” here, but he’s not. Instead we’re joined by “it’s not rape rape” Whoopi Goldberg (Kenan) and Joy Behar (Fred). This is about on par with a “Really?!” They’re playing stupid.

Jason Sudeikis is a colleague of pilot Sullenberger, and he’s dressed as a pilot with a moustache, and it’s hot. I’m sorry. It’s hot.

“What did the good pilot do when he saw a flock of geese? He avoided them. Yeah, then he continued on to Charlotte where he made it seven minutes early.”

I bought some Diet Pepsi, and it tastes pretty gross even though it isn’t expired. What do I do?

The jokes aren’t bad, but I didn’t sign up for a primetime show of one-liners. FlashForward is on, Seth!

Suze Orman is out, and I am a fan of Kristen’s Suze impression, but I want more. Though true to it’s name, it is pretty much an extended Weekend Update. Does this effect the jokes for Saturday? I wonder.

More guests time! Except now it’s Bill Hader and Darrell Hammond as John Malkovich and Dennis Franz respectively, and it makes me happy to see Darrell on the premises. They’re on to discuss the push for 2016 Olympics in Chicago. I can barely listen to what they’re saying because I spend so much time being amazed at how GOOD Bill and Darrell are. And aw! A cut to Maya Rudolph as Oprah. Oprah is giving out Olympic gold medals to everyone in the crowd.

Does the fact that this is Weekend Update make it okay to have five minute commercial breaks? Damn, NBC.

Cremains come in a plastic box. Someone should tell Seth that. For real. A plastic bag inside of a weird tin.

Hall & Oates! Yes! Fred Armisen is back with Will Forte. I hope everyone is clapping along at home to the beat. Because that was obviously the best part of the show. And I will have “Private Eyes” stuck in my head FOREVER.

The show is over, Seth is wearing the Darryl Hall wig, and unfortunately Sudeikis is no longer dressed like a pilot. So much sexiness taken away from me! The thirty minutes went by pretty fast, though that may be because this is DVRed and I fast forwarded through the twenty minutes of commercial breaks. Not as strong as the first and second episodes, but an enjoyable little filler of a show.

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