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The SNL Liveblog! Drew Barrymore/Regina Spektor Edition

October 11, 2009

It’s another Saturday night, and I’m actually home to do this one live! Whee! I’m overworked lately, so I’m having a Saturday night in after some serious cleaning and laundry. Tomorrow I’ll be going to see Rock of Ages! as part of my October Broadway blitz which will also feature Bye Bye Birdie and Hamlet later this month.

Anyways, I didn’t do standby as previously considered, and it’s for the best because my lack of clean clothes had reached desperation mode. I’m looking forward to all of the GIRL COMEDY that this episode will bring. With the cast so small and the majority of the gals being newer, the sketches have been pretty seriously male dominated lately, and while Drew Barrymore is an attractive lady, they won’t all be about how hot she is as they were in the Megan Fox episode. And I think Regina Spektor is the cutest thing ever, even if I don’t think her music matches up to the hype. I LOVE a few of her songs, and I love that she has kept to her roots and always has Strokes related bands open for her, but overall, I think she’s kind of boring. Unpopular opinion, I know. But apparently I’m full of those these days (see the James Marsters post for tips on how to not speak neutrally about someone who has a huge cult following).

Cold Open: It’s a Barack Obama open, again, but considering Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize this week, it’s not surprising. In the wake of all of the press that the Obama has done nothing cold open received last week, I’m sure that this will knock him down a bit, too. I’m wrong, as this sketch is about him not being George Bush and winning the lottery. Okay, that was short and boring. Stop starting episodes with really short, really boring cold opens, dudes. It worries me about the caliber of the episode.

Monologue: Drew Barrymore seemingly cannot walk in her heels. She’s wearing a pretty unflattering dress and over enunciating everything. She’s showing clips of her family on Broadway, aka Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader doing impressions of Ethel and John Barrymore that are more like the over enunciating Drew. That’s the joke. Get it? It just keeps going on. Abby and Andy and Kenan and Drew almost tripped while bowing. We’re in trouble.

Gilly: As soon as Will Forte starting speaking, I knew that this was a Gilly sketch. A Gilly sketch is the opener. No, no, no! Since Drew isn’t the third child, I’m guessing there’s a twist here. As much as I hate this character, I do love the dance that Kristen does. Aw, the new foreign exchange student is Gigli, the Italian Gilly. It makes me a little sad that Forte has to wear a wig since he shaved off his beautiful man hair. Is it just me or is Abby Elliott really annoying? Gilly blew up Gigli. The end.

Next week is Gerard Butler and Shakira. Hottest episode ever.

Celebrity Ghost Stories: Billy Bob Thornton is credited as a lead singer instead of an actor. Ha. Nice reference to this moment. Abby Elliott is Anna Faris. I really do think that her impersonations are pretty good, but she overdoes them SO MUCH. It’s not good. Drew Barrymore is Sharon Osbourne. The ghosts that she’s seeing are actually Mexican cleaners. Justin Long is here as Matthew McConaughey. This follows the trend of a celebrity not being able to date a celebrity without their partner being on the show. I hear that Justin Long has a hilarious driver’s license photo. I cannot verify this, though.

Unfortunately, I dont think its this crazy.

Unfortunately, I don't think it's this crazy.

Nasim Pedrad impersonating Charlyne Yi (who I think most of the crowd doesn’t recognize at all) is the best thing in this sketch.

University of Westfield Online: The school is all about teaching you how to avoid telling people that you went to an online school. Okay.

La Rivista Della Televisione con Vinny Vedecci: Okay, now here’s a character that I love. Improve the episode! Do it! Drew looks very pretty in this sketch. And Will Forte is wearing a wig again. Why’d you have to go and shave off your hair, Will? Whyyyy? Et, E.T.! Et, E.T.! Et is good. Is good. Vinny Vedecci is trying to get Drew to show him her boobs, and that segues into the apologies to all of the women on his staff that he slept with. It’s probably because his wife looks like Bobby Moynihan with lipstick. I want someone to do my hair the way that Drew’s hair is now. Now they’re singing “Whip It” and this is the first funny thing that has happened tonight. Yes! I knew you would save it for me, Hader.

Regina Spektor – “Eet”: Okay, what on earth is Drew wearing to introduce Regina? See, I really do love Regina Spektor, but I can’t really listen to her music for any extended period of time without getting bored. It’s a paradox of life. Like naming a song Eet.

I first heard of Regina through the Strokes, and I decided that I loved her after seeing her MTV You Hear it First segment. Remember how groundbreaking those things were? They had them for Coldplay! And the Arctic Monkeys! Anyways, she was just as adorable then as she is now.

Weekend Update: Seth opened Update with three pretty strong zingers. Yes! James Carville is talking about Obama’s peace prize win. You can’t trust the Norwegians. They all look like John Denver.



“[Rush Limbaugh should win] the Nobel Peace of Pie.”

Normally I get so tired of guests on Weekend Update, but this one is already pretty strong. It’s saving the episode a little bit.

I would totally play combined golf/rugby.

Scrooge McDuck! Is it sad that as soon as they said Scrooge I knew that it would be Andy? He looks a lot like a scarecrow with a duck bill, though.

Apparently TMZ reported that Maya Angelou was in the hospital and Twitter said she was dead? How’d I miss this? Like control top elastic, I am absolutely alive.

You muckraking muskrats
You sad, selfish slingers of celebrity cellulite

From Tom and Katie Cruise
To Heidi and Spencer
You spread your lies
Well, I hope you get cancer

I do not forgive you
But for your sake I hope ya
Watch what you say,
Because I am friends with Oprah.

It’s a good thing that you had Maya Angelou on, Dr. Seth Meyers.

Tampax to the Max Tournament of Champions: Hey, it’s a Jason Sudeikis appearance. Pete Twinkle and Greg Stink. Those are some names. Greta Milwaukee (Kristen Wiig) is playing “The Soft One” Nina Wilkes Booth (Drew Barrymore) in Championship Billiards. When you need just the facts, you can stop it with Tampax. Greg Stink the color commentator doesn’t know anything about billiards. Sounds like most color commentators. I am pretty awful at pool. Tampax, helping you relax when mother nature attacks your slacks. Add that to a list of things that I’m sure Jason Sudeikis never thought he would say. Oh, outlandishness.

Cooking Al Fresco with Fran & Phil: Guy Fieri is a guest who is going to rock out with his hock out. Cooking on a roof with bread crumbs in NYC is apparently not a good idea, unless you want to get attacked by birds. Birds LOVE marinara sauce. Andy yelling “They’re foodies!!!” is good stuff. The birds have kidnapped Guy Fieri, and the live audience is kind of sort of clapping. That did not go over too well… yet I kind of enjoyed it. There’s something wrong with me.

Larry King Live: So five of the sketches tonight have included television broadcasts. And I’m not including the Presidential address cold open. I would have to check back on some of the other recaps to see if this is commonplace, and I just haven’t noticed before, but holy crap, guys, find a new gimmick. This is the second talk show style sketch, though Larry King is obviously different from Vinny Vedecci. The topic on Larry King is sex scandals – how do successful men become entangled in these situations, and why are we so interested? Media analyst Carly Lane Drew Barrymore knows that men like to put their weiners inside something, and that is an accurate summation of what this entire sketch is about. America’s interest in weiners! I love to have conversations like “He did what with his weiner?”

Weiner print media is dying because of Perez Hilton!

Digital Short: Brenda and Shawn are crazy 80s party entertainers. They do simple magic at eye exams and engagements! I’m going to hire someone to do magic the next time I have a medical emergency. Jon Lutz appearance! No me gusta.

Regina Spektor – “The Calculation”: Cameras cut back late, so we just had Drew saying, “Spektor.” Unfortunately Regina isn’t playing “Fidelity” or “Us,” but I want her dress so badly. I like that they flipped the piano to face the other wall for the second song. It makes me laugh. We need different angles for this song!

Debbie Turner Appearance: Debbie Turner is doing an author appearance from her book “Living With the Devil” at a Barnes and Noble. She read her entire book to the crowd. And they have SO MANY QUESTIONS! The devil in question from the book is there to ask her a question. And he looks like an 80s hair band rock star making an appearance in 2009. And he’s speaking like one, with sharks making love to fish around his toes and such. He’s going to kill a bunch of people with bayonets because they don’t deserve healthcare and getting rid of his bayonets will get Debbie back. But the whole crowd is super into his hotness and the fact that he uses toilet paper now. He’s quoting Usher and Debbie is going to take him back, because if there’s one thing that turns a woman on, it’s saying “make love in this club in this club” over and over.

Credits: Drew Barrymore thanks Regina Spektor and Justin Long and says that Kristen Wiig (who is wearing a crazy dress for some reason?) is wonderful in Whip It! which further dampens the episode for me. She loves Lorne and Marci, and Seth is standing almost hilariously off to the side. Watching the cast reactions to what Drew is saying is kind of funny. Jason seems very confused that Drew is talking about Kristen but smiles when she finishes the sentence. As does Abby. Bill just kind of stands there. Bobby looks like a five year old. All in all, this was an unbelievably disappointing episode. And while I know that most people rag on SNL week to week, generally I love the show. And this season I don’t. This season is losing me hard and fast. If it doesn’t get better soon, I’m not sure how many more liveblogs I can handle doing. Anybody else feel the same way? Think I’m totally wrong? Let me know!

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  1. Cheyenne permalink
    October 11, 2009 12:52 am

    Still love it!

  2. October 11, 2009 4:40 pm

    Still love it!
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

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