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SNL Live blog! The Jon Hamm/Michael Buble Edition!

January 30, 2010

Oh, hello there, you barely used little Olympics blog. Once upon a time you were updated with such frequency! Now even the regular SNL blogs are scarce. But I came back to you, my bloggy goodness, and it’s all because of Jon Hamm. And some Saturday night boredom. But mainly the Hamm. I hope that he has yet to shave his beard! But mainly, I hope that he’s funny. Because as we all know, SNL has been a suckfest of suck this season. And I say that with as much compassion as someone who has little to no personal ties to the show (okay, little) but does expect hilariousness out of them.

Michael Buble is the musical guest. I imagine myself fast forwarding this. Seriously, NBC, you should hire me to suggest musical guests. This year has been boring. I choose to think that Buble was picked because someone woke up from a nap and was asked, “Who should we book for January 30?” And they mumbled “Miwrlekwablabuwale.” Because that makes the most sense of any scenario. And honestly, I’m not trying to pick on Michael Buble, but this show is on at 11:30 at night with the first musical act at 12:15, why on earth would you pick a crooner? Especially if the humour is lacking..

Anyways, let’s start this mofo! It’s 2010. How have we all been? Did you grow a beard like most of the Mad Men cast? According to that article, Jon Hamm had to shave! CURSE YOU, SNL!

This has nothing to do with beards, but it's awesome.

It’s about 8 degrees outside here in NYC, so drink some winter lager with me and bundle up.

Cold Open: State of the Union! I didn’t even watch the state of the union, as I was at work until about 9 that night, so I’m a little confused by the opening. Why is there no weird tiara thing in front of Pelosi? Armisen looks like he’s wearing rouge. And Sudeikis seems like a very unkempt Vice President. This clapping joke is getting very old, very fast, especially since they did it years ago with a Bush State of the Union, making fun of Dan Quayle. John Kerry was making a great face in the crowd, I wonder what that was actually in reference to. YES THEY SHOWED THE BRENDAN FRASER CLAP. Okay, this is how obsessed with the clap that I am. Last night I legitimately had a dream that I met Brendan Fraser and we did that clap together.

I just had a bit of a Firefox malfunction and paused the DVR during the opening credits. Did you guys ever think about exactly how awesome Andy Samberg’s face is? Because it’s pretty awesome.

Monologue: The credits photo of Jon Hamm is just about the worst photo of a super handsome man that I have ever seen in my entire life. And now he’s onstage, hello hotness. You are mega hot hot. And now that I have that out of my system.. Late for the Class’ credits look a lot like Saved by the Bell’s. And this is great. Jon Hamm has always been Don Draper, even when he was Bonzo. I just checked out Jon Hamm’s IMDB credits, and they are pretty awesome. I just laughed outloud at “They need to wash they ass.” What is wrong with me?

20s Party: New York City, 1928. As they just shoved down our throats in the monologue, Jon Hamm is always suave and debonair. So of course they start with a sketch in the 20s. Maybe they’ll go against type and have him be super unclassy, but it doesn’t look likely. Oh, so this sketch is actually about Kristen Wiig, because it’s SNL and the sketches can’t be about the host or about a girl that isn’t Kristen. Okay, the fact that she actually doesn’t know when to come in is pretty funny. “And.. I missed it.” The alleycats dancing on the balcony understand her.

Digital Short: This is super early in the episode. Samberg’s all Wall Streeted out, and he just broke a talisman. CURSED BY FRED ARMISEN. In the middle of a meeting, Jon Hamm bursts through a wall to play the saxophone and shake his hips all oiled up. SERGIO!

His whole life is now disrupted by handsome Sergio. I enjoy Sudeikis’ psychiatrist jokes. “Sexy Man/Sax” Sergio blew up Dr Sudeikis! The curse is lifted.. but Kristen Wiig has broken it, so now sh’s going to give birth to Sergio isn’t she? Yep. Wow, Jon Hamm is not sexy when covered in afterbirth.

Harry Reid’s office: Pelosi, Byrd, Frank & Boxer are meeting with Reid. Jon Hamm barges in as Scott Brown, the beefcake. Senator Boxer can think of nothing but Brown dancing in some boxers. His Boston accent is much less grating than Julianne Moore’s on 30 Rock. Jon Hamm is gyrating in Nancy Pelosi’s head. I like Obama because he’s Hawaiian. Barney Frank is imagining Brown in some long jean shorts. And in the best gag of the sketch, Byrd has pictured Brown as a flapper. I want more flapper dancing, Jon Hamm!

Michael Buble – Haven’t Met You Yet: Before Buble, they played that Cadillac commercial that plays Phoenix’s “1901.” Now THEY were a musical guest (but Phoenix is one of my favorite bands, so that’s not fair). Buble has managed to fit about 20 people on that tiny SNL stage, I enjoy it. I take back some of my previous comments, because in actually thinking about it, Buble isn’t an awful choice. It adds some diversity. It doesn’t have to be an indie band flavor of the month every week. Though I do feel like this season (and last to a certain extent) have been pretty popular bands, and it’s not the showcasing of new talent that it used to be (like next weeks choice of supergroup Them Crooked Vultures). And when they do pick a smaller band (the Ting Tings), it’s at the wrong/random part of their career. Michael Buble is dancing and all into it. Aw, shucks. I like his energy.

Weekend Update: “This week, Apple released a thing that does stuff that their other stuff already does.” And that’s all that really needs to be said about the iPad.

Every once in awhile (or, every week) Seth has a great zinger, and this one has made my evening thus far:

On Friday, President Obama appeared before House Republicans in a historic televised Q&A and performed so well that afterwards GOP aides said that “Allowing cameras to roll like that was a mistake.” Come on, Republicans. Are you on such a Scott Brown high that you thought that you could take down Barack Obama by debating him? You realize debates are why he’s President, right? Seriously, all you guys do is complain about how Obama is all talk and then you invite him to a forum that’s literally all talk. That’s like saying, “Let’s see how tough Aquaman is when we get him in the water.” I’m not saying you were outclassed but the whole thing was like the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where the guy charges Indy with a sword, and he just shot him.

Justice Sotomayor (Pedrad) is out to talk about Justice Alito for mouthing “Not true” at President Obama. Nasim Pedrad looks SO tiny next to Meyers.

This Tebow ad happening when CBS is refusing the Man Crunch ad is ridiculous. I hate you, CBS. I hate networks in general. HAWKS WITH HIPSTER BEARDS. YES!

Wow, Bobby is like a million times more orange than he was last time. Snooki! Snooki is a traffic cone with a wig on it. Apt.

I tuned out for a minute, and I am too tired to rewind, but the Situation is my favorite part of this. AND HIS MOM THE PREDICAMENT!

Seth loves that truck stop hooker joke. It didn’t kill, though. Sorry, Seth.

Game Time with Randy & Greg: Is this that sketch where Bill Hader is (not) an alien? Yes, it is. Since it needs to be said everyday, Bill Hader is amazing. And Rick from Passaic is totally Fred Armisen. All of the bobbleheads are a shout-out to Mike and Mike, right? Greg killed the Colts coach! No wait, he just turned him into an alien, too. That’s bad. Tommy from Canarsie is Bobby. Where’s Will Forte been? And Sudeikis? They’re barely in this one. Who is Pete from Livingston? It sounds kind of like Seth Meyers. Is Seth actually kind of in a sketch? I can’t really tell, but OMG if so! Hey, Sudeikis and Forte are Gregs now! So many Gregs now! Sudeikis barely has any alien make-up on, so either they think he looks just like an alien or he’s in the next sketch.

Hamm & Buble: Michael Buble is in a sketch. I like it. Boo-BLAY doesn’t work, so now it’s Bubbly. Jon Hamm is such a douche to poor Michael Bubbly. Champagne with floating chunks of pork. Michael Buble has some decent sing-acting chops. I want to see his one-man show about William Faulkner. Oh, I love this. I wish this sketch was earlier in the evening, cause it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

I now take back everything I ever said about how Michael Buble shouldn’t be on the show. And I want to know who wrote this, because I spent like 15 minutes last night trying to think of an actor named something like Cheese that could go in a Hamm sandwich and I never thought about Bubbly.

Closet Organizer: I could really use a blue spandex suited Forte to suck up all of the water, peanut butter and pies in my closet. Jon Hamm’s story about Beyonce with the man’s moustache is the perfect reason for a Closet Organizer.

Loud Stenographer: We haven’t had a commercial break in awhile. That’s pretty cool. Armisen is a court stenographer typing on an actual typewriter and making crazy faces. There are some very troubled looking extras in the jury. This sketch is going to be very one-note and go on forever, isn’t it? I’m glad the stenographer is taking a giggle break, because I’m pretty sure no one else is. I can’t find my crackers. BOO.

Michael Buble – “Baby (You’ve Got What It Takes)”: SHARON JONES! Ugh, nobody on earth is cooler than Sharon Jones. The choice of Michael Buble has again proven me wrong. If you live in NYC, go see Sharon Jones, because her and the Dap Kings play all of the damned time and the woman can SING. HA! She bootybumped him hard.

Forte! I kind of love the randomness of this. Jerusalem Tigers. Are you on TV? No, I’m on a bar stool. HAHAHAH, CALL BACK! You’re the freakin Closet Organizer guy, aren’t you? Okay, I officially love this episode. Closet Organizer, Hamm & Bubbly, that’s all it takes. They both have awesome names. And Forte is doing a little closet organizing for Hamm, and this is fucking genius. People only want to be Tarkief Benzington’s friend because he’s the closet organizer. “Goodbye Rezdin, I hope you die tonight.” Please tell me that Will Forte wrote this sketch, because between this and that bizarre NASA chip thing from the Blake Lively episode, he’s my new favorite person in the world ever.

CNBC: The CNBC announcer also is TOTALLY Seth Meyers. Is he the new Chris Parnell/Darrell Hammond? Love it, Seth. Love it. The show is American Enterprise – Barnes & Noble. Bill Hader and Jon Hamm are historically reenacting the creation of Barnes and Noble. The amount of times I’ve just gone to the bathroom in B&N is pretty high. I imagine it’s not as big of a thing in states where people drive more.. but yeah, it’s totally a pee place. B&N and Starbucks. And if you’re over 21 and it’s nighttime, crowded bars.

Credits: Bobby is wearing a Dharma Initiative shirt (LOST GEEKS!) Jon Hamm is wearing a hot shirt. I am jealous of everyone who gets to see him in person right now. Seth Meyers just kissed Will Forte. And Sudeikis totally just smacked Forte on the ass and said good job. Seth is getting a lot of camera time during the credits, and we’re actually getting full credits tonight. It’s nice. Sudeikis is totally a homeless man who is going to pee in a Barnes & Noble after this. This episode made me feel warm and fuzzy. It wasn’t perfect or anything, but totally enjoyable with some really high points. Love it. And it is through the power of the liveblog that you get to see me bite my tongue over Michael Buble.

Until next time!

5 Comments leave one →
  1. sarahg permalink
    January 31, 2010 1:42 am

    What was the tune Buble was singing to in Hamm and Buble? I just can’t recall the original song somehow.

    • January 31, 2010 7:26 pm

      it sounded like the beginning of “haven’t met you yet.” not sure if it’s anything else.

  2. susan permalink
    January 31, 2010 3:11 pm

    Not only can’t Buble sing….he can’t dance. He belongs on Lawrence Welk.

  3. permalink
    January 31, 2010 7:36 pm

    How can you say Hamm doesn’t look good covered in afterbirth?! Wet, shiny & slimy always = SEXAY! I might boycott this blog.

  4. Rascal permalink
    February 1, 2010 5:11 pm

    Sometimes I wonder why I tape SNL week after week. Generally speaking, the show is so bad anymore, it’s embarrassing. Their default humor tends toward jokes about various body fluids, farts and vomit. I usually end up just fast-forwarding the DVR to see Seth do the news.

    But tonight was special. I found myself laughing out lound more than once, and I actually rewound to watch the Hamm & Buble sketch a second time. It was priceless. The opening State of the Union sketch, Hamm’s monologue, Update, and the closet organizer and final bar scene were also pretty darn good. The only sour notes were the dreadful courtroom snoozer with Armisen and that inane alien sports show (I just don’t get that premise. It must have been drug-induced.)

    Also, I’m a fuddy-duddy musicwise, tending toward country nowadays because I like singability in my songs, which pretty much died out for me with ’80s pop. But I really enjoyed Buble’s performances on the show, so much so that I just ordered one of his albums from Amazon (fuddy-duddy = no iTunes).

    All in all, I can’t remember enjoying a full episode of SNL this much since Justin Timberlake hosted back in 2003 (“Bring it on down to Omeletteville!”).

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