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Men’s Short Program Thoughts

February 17, 2010

The Olympics would not be the Olympics without their storylines, and they’re setting up a doozy by making Yevgeny Plushenko (Rus), the defending champion, into a super villain. (Do any of you care? I don’t.)

First off, the scores of the top 20:

1. (RUS) PLUSHENKO Yevgeny 90.85
2. (USA) LYSACEK Evan 90.30
3. (JPN) TAKAHASHI Daisuke 90.25
4. (JPN) ODA Nobunari 84.85
5. (SUI) LAMBIEL Stephane 84.63
6. (USA) WEIR Johnny 82.10
7. (CAN) CHAN Patrick 81.12
8. (JPN) KOZUKA Takahiko 79.59
9. (CZE) BREZINA Michal 78.80
10. (KAZ) TEN Denis 76.24
11. (FRA) AMODIO Florent 75.35
12. (BEL) VAN DER PERREN Kevin 72.90
13. (RUS) BORODULIN Artem 72.24
14. (ITA) CONTESTI Samuel 70.60
15. (USA) ABBOTT Jeremy 69.40
16. (ESP) FERNANDEZ Javier 68.69
17. (GER) LINDEMANN Stefan 68.50
18. (FRA) JOUBERT Brian 68.00
19. (CZE) VERNER Tomas 65.32
20. (ITA) BACCHINI Paolo 64.42

Who do we feel worst for? Jeremy Abbott or Brian Joubert? Do we think it’s fair that Stephane Lambiel, who stumbled more than once, scored higher than Johnny Weir?

Now, I am in no way a judge of ice skating, I don’t know the rules, so my arguments are fairly invalid, but I remember recently reading an article with Johnny Weir. He is a pretty big purist when it comes to ice skating (despite his off-ice personality), he wants the theatrics and passion, not the “basically required quad jump” or robotic skating of someone like Evan Lysacek. I like Evan Lysacek a lot, I do (despite the fake tan and the metrosexual eyebrows and the obsession with fashion), but when you watch him skate, you can see him thinking about the next move. You can see him nailing everything technically, but I don’t feel the passion. And it’s a shame. He ended his routine last night by falling to the ground with tears of joy, yet I saw none of that during the routine. But he’s in second, and Weir is in sixth.

And not that I’m belittling Stephane Lambiel’s routine, dude is the fastest spinner I’ve ever seen in my life. I actually got dizzy watching him.

But the jumps and landings were not perfect, and I feel like Weir should’ve at least been above him.

And because it needs to be said, Daisuke Takahashi, who is not getting the press that Lysacek and Plushenko (who both did excellently, of course) are, brought the house doooown. Can’t wait to see his free form. I also can’t wait to see Brian Joubert and Jeremy Abbott, because while basically out of medal contention, I’d love to see the redemption.

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