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2010 Winter Olympic Superlatives Part One: REDEMPTION

March 1, 2010

The XXI Winter Olympic games have finally come to a close, and here at OlyVil, we now begin the post-Olympic crash of depression and content scrambling. Luckily, much like the media, we can ride the post-Olympic glory for at least another week before we have to start coming up with new crap to talk about.

These games were the first time I ever bothered paying attention to the Winter Olympics, and it was a crazy two weeks. Every sport I watched was my new favorite sport, until it got too boring to deal with thanks to the weird schedule, NBC’s annoying coverage, and how long each event took to complete. I mean, one athlete at a time for nearly every sport adds up to a whole lotta snooze time, is all I’m sayin’.

Canada did an amazing job, both as a hosting country, and as a team, and despite our teams’ bitter rivalry, I couldn’t help being excited for them with each Gold medal they gained. Even hockey, I GUESS. I cried like a little jackass when Alexandre Bilodeau won Canada’s first ever gold on Canadian soil in Men’s Moguls.

The US team had a great run too, winning the most medals ever in a Winter Olympic games, and shattering droughts in Nordic Combined (aka the second weirdest sport ever) and 4-man Bobsled.

There is so much to talk about that happened over the last 16 days, that we’re going to take the easy way out and bring you the 2010 Winter Olympic Superlatives, because really, the Olympics is nothing more than a giant high school field day, and I’m totally not above exploiting that in an effort to create content for my blog. Yep! No shame in my game.

ONWARDS, BLITZEN! I’m going to break up these categories into multiple posts, because apparently I write way too much. So keep checking back over the next week to see more of the list.

The 2010 Winter Olympic Superlatives: REDEMPTION

Best Redemption Story of 2010: Jeret Peterson and Bode Miller.

The theme of Redemption is a cliche often overused by the media during the Olympics, to describe an athlete who has previously underperformed and now has to prove themselves to the news outlets, as if being an Olympian isn’t good enough. But whatever!

For these games, Kim and I decided that Team USA Aerialist Jeret Peterson and Team USA  Alpine Skier Bode Miller deserved this title.

Jeret Peterson was down a one-way street to hell before the games this year. After being removed from the 2006 Torino Winter Games due to a drunken dispute with a teammate after a competition, Peterson threw himself into alcoholism and gambling, eventually attempting suicide. A week-long stay at a hospital in Salt Lake City after the incident pushed Peterson to take a year of from skiing to get his life back in order. And ‘back in order’ his life has become. He’s been sober for over a year and went on to win a Silver Medal in Men’s Aerials this past week. REDEMPTION AHOY.

Bode Miller’s story is way less dramatic, but no less awesome. After a terrible 2009 ski season and numerous injuries, all leading people to speculate that Miller was burned out, he won his first event in nearly two years just this past January. Riding the wave of victory, Miller went on to the Olympics where he won Gold in the Men’s Super Combined, and took back his place as the best American alpine skiier in the world.

Sup Bode?

Ain't nothin' NBC loves more than a crying Olympian. Right, Jeret Peterson?

Most Likely to be 2014’s Redemption Story: Sven Kramer.

Without a doubt, the ultimate answer to this one is Dutch Speed Skater Sven Kramer. Sure, he’s kind of a bitchass, but his games started out so promising after winning the Gold in the 5,000 m, and being the favorite to win the 10,000 m and the team pursuit races. I mean, there’s a reason he’s a rockstar in the Nederlands — Kramer is awesome. (Also hot, but who’s looking.)

Granted, we all know what happened at the 10,000 m, which was then followed by a disappointing Bronze for the Dutch in the team pursuit.

Kramer has 4 years to ditch his coach and come back strong in Sochi. Without a doubt, all eyes (and media) will be focused on him, waiting for his.. dun dun dun… REDEMPTION.

Angry Sven is Angry.

Biggest Overhyped Embarrassment: Lindsey Jacobellis.

This category is kind of a two-fer, and it makes me laugh really hard cos I’m kind of an ass. Every Olympics, there’s one [usually underserving] athlete the media picks to overhype as the athlete to watch for those games. In ’08, it was US Swimmer Katie Hoff, who, as we all remember, epitomized the word FAIL in Beijing.

In Vancouver, it was US Snowboarder, Lindsey Jacobellis. Her redemption story is that back in ’06 during the Final of the Snowboard Cross event, Jacobellis had the 3-second lead over the rest of the course, and on her way to the finish, she showboater her little ass off and fell, costing her the race. The media, of course, ate that up, and pinned 2010 as her year to show the world that she’s matured and grown as an athlete, and was ready to claim the Gold she gave up in Torino.

Jacobellis, of course, ended up being a huge embarrassment when she failed to advance to the Snowboard Cross finals after a fall resulting in a disqualification. She was not mentioned even once by NBC afterwards. Hilar. Bet homegurl wishes she hadn’t showboated during her final in Torino!


Okay, friends and lovers. Check back tomorrow for more 2010 Olympic Superlatives!

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