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Don’t Call it a Comeback?

January 13, 2011

Since this Olympics-related blog took a weird turn into me writing about SNL for awhile, I feel like my first post of 2011 should be about SNL.

Also, Eamon Sullivan's torso

In case you were wondering, Eamon Sullivan won Celebrity Master Chef Australia, a show I only learned existed earlier today while reading about Top Chef: All Stars. I DIGRESS.

I write because of a sketch that was on SNL last week. Not the Black Swan one, which was amazing, and which implies to me that at least some SNL writers hated Black Swan as much as I did, but the Amusement Park Ride (hulu link to follow):

A few weeks ago, in the least douchey way possible, I was sitting in a room where someone pointed out Taran Killam. In a room where I should have known that they were potentially an SNL castmember, and I had no idea. As someone who has lived and breathed SNL from a young age, this is sad. The past two years have been so disappointing that I’ve stopped watching altogether. Yikes. The point is that after this, I will not forget Taran Killam again. Because that is some serious physical comedy. I expect it from Hader and Carrey, but color me blown away. I hope you get to do more, sir.

I think I’ll be liveblogging the Golden Globes on Sunday. Though I don’t have Internet, so it’ll be a delayed posting liveblog. Holler Olyvil!

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