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MTV Skins Premieres Tonight!

January 17, 2011

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The American version of the salaciously delightful UK series, Skins, is finally premiering tonight on MTV after many many many weeks of anticipation, both from viewers excited for the new show, and from hardcore original Skins fans who are waiting to see how MTV ruined everything about the series.

Skins isn’t a series that we talk about much here on Olyvil, but Kim and I are both really into the UK version, despite its absolute ridiculousness. I’ll be watching and possibly liveblogging later tonight, so expect a recap posted sometime tonight. I shall reserve judgement until then.

On the topic of the UK original, E4 will premiere the fifth series of Skins on Thursday, January 27th. I will probably be liveblogging that one as well, provided I find a reliable online source where I can watch the episode from my home here in the US.

Despite the writers’ insistence on retiring the cast every two seasons,I’m kind of excited for this new series. Plus, they’re playing the super awesome “Ready to Start” by The Arcade Fire in the official promo, so I can’t hate. Hopefully, if the MTV version is awful, I’ll at least be able to fall back on the original E4 series. Cross your fingers, y’all!

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