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MTV Skins Recap — Tea

January 26, 2011

I only just was able to sit down and watch the second episode of MTV Skins. Didn’t have the energy (or interest, to be honest) to liveblog, but I’ll leave you with my thoughts. This one’s a quickie. Bullet points (and spoilers) after the jump!

  • So, last week I complained about how poorly acted the premiere was. Two episodes in, the acting is still atrocious. Sorry, unknown child actors, but the kids on Degrassi got you beat any day.
  • I admit I came into this episode biased, because I wholeheartedly am a Maxxie fan, from the original series. Tea is not Maxxie. Tea is a terrible replacement for Maxxie. I appreciate that they didn’t just make Tea a female Maxxie and have given her an original background of her own, but removing Maxxie (and in particular making him a female) throws off the dynamic for me a bit.

    Last week, I mentioned that the actor that plays Tony seems to be trying too hard to be this cruel, mean-spirited character that Nicholas Hoult portrayed so well. One of the reasons that Tony was such an interesting character was because he did things with absolutely zero regard for the consequences, just for the hell of doing them. This came to a head (lawl) in the Russia episode when he gave Maxxie a big ole’ BJ while Michelle was sleeping in the room. Tony wasn’t gay and just wanted to do something that he knew would hurt his girlfriend, just because he could.

    When you change Maxxie into a hot female lesbian, this opens up more possibilities to justify Tony’s actions: A. Oh, he was just drunk. B. Oh, Tea is really hot, how could he resist her? C. Oh, maybe there’s a ~*~*ROMANTIC POSSIBILITY~*~*~ there. With these justifications, it takes less emphasis off the point that Tony Snyder is supposed to be a total asshole. Do not like.

  • That was a really long point. Sorry. I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS.
  • After they slept together, why was Betty so insistent on Tea not telling anything about it to anyone, if later she was going to be offended when Tea told her she didn’t want a relationship?
  • Tea’s attitude is shitty. She’s arrogant and annoying. And not a good dancer, SORRIES. And she’s so poorly acted that I can’t take anything she says seriously. That scene with her Nana confessing to her that she had a lesbian affair in her youth and her rage about being ostracized for it by her government was supposed to be touching, but it came off phony and too convenient.
  • I saw a tiny little bit of Hannah Murray in Britne Oldford’s Cadie tonight and it made me smile.

Overall, the episode gets a C. I’m still going to tune in, because I want to keep seeing where this is going. I don’t like Tea or what she brings to the table, but there was a moment in this episode which brought me a huuuuge laugh:

Capped from The banner up behind Tony in his room is a subtle reference to an infamous line spoken by Effy in the first series of UK Skins:

Sometimes I think I was born backwards… you know, come out of my mum the wrong way. I hear words go past me backwards. The people I should love, I hate, and the people I hate…

I loved this little homage and I’m hoping the series continues to throw those references out at us as it continues.

Series 5 of UK Skins premieres on E4 this Thursday! I’m really excited. No promises for a liveblog or recap, but I’ll probably be tweeting about it like mad. I have no life. Goodnight, innernet!


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