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Flashback Friday – LL Cool J, “Loungin'”

February 11, 2011

Today we’re taking it back to the summer of ’96, when I was a wee lass aged 12, watching MTV all day long and hoping that one day Simon Rex would whisk me away to his private beach house where he would fight with Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Devon Sawa over who got to kiss me awkwardly under the stars.

That got derailed rather quickly didn’t it?

It’s been cold for a long time up north (although down here in Miami it has been in the balmy 80’s for most of the month) so it’s time to warm you up with this LL Cool J classic.

In my youth I always wanted to have a pool party like this, although I would skip the weird chocolate sauce on my leg, because that seems like it would be a bitch to clean up. In my older youth, I grew out of the sexy pool party phase and instead wanted to have a giant kegger, but that is neither here nor there.

While listening to this song in the last stretch of Winter, it is mandatory that you turn up the heat in your home, wear a shirt with a flower print on it (take some fashion tips from Pacey Witter if you must), sip on a frozen colada, and imagine the fly hunnies dancing around your patio which happens to be the set of MTV’s The Grind.

What are your favorite Summa Jamz of the 90’s?

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