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Aaron Peirsol Explains His Retirement; OlyVil Cries.

February 12, 2011

Last week we mentioned the sad news that Aaron Peirsol, one of OlyVil’s favorite swimmers of the past decade, officially announced his retirement. We didn’t say much about it because it was a shock, and I was planning to put together a post about it but, you know, life gets in the way.

Anyway, on Thursday Aaron sat down with the Morning Swim Show and explained the reasons for his retirement. It’s a long interview, but it’s worth a listen, especially for the awesome and hilarious slideshow towards the end:

I’ve always paid moderate attention to the Olympics, but it wasn’t until Sydney and then especially Athens that I took a real investment in watching and having favorite athletes and events, and then it just exploded during Beijing. Aaron Peirsol was a big reason for my later obsession with the Olympics, and more specifically competitive swimming as a whole. It’s good to understand that he wanted to leave the sport at the peak of his career and it sounds like he’s got plans to pay more attention to his life outside of the pool, which is respectable. I also liked that he wanted his last meet to be at his home pool in Austin. As Kim and FNL would say (I think), Texas Forever?

Aaron, OlyVil loves you and will always remember you as the King of the Backstroke. We will miss your hilariously receding hairline, your miniscule nipples, and your much-welcomed insistence on only ever swimming in jammers. We will not miss every announcer ever referencing your “California cool.” Good luck in your future endeavors and I will be watching for you in the stands at Nationals and London next year!

Hello Boobslap, 2004.

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