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Olympic Team Hotties of the Day: USA Archery

July 28, 2012

Let’s be totally honest here, the only reason anyone is paying any attention to Archery this year is because of the Hunger Games, am I right? There have been some hot archers in Hollywood this year, between Katniss Everdeen from THG and Hawkeye from The Avengers. I’d also have to use all of my fingers and toes, and all of Kim’s fingers and also toes to count the number of jokes I’ve heard so far this summer about The Olympic Games turning into The Hunger Games (here’s what, though: I’d totally watch either way. THOUSANDS GO IN; RYAN LOCHTE COMES OUT).

That being said, I totally caught up on Archery this afternoon and it was delightful! I had never watched before but it was actually super entertaining and is the inspiration behind today’s Team Hottie designation: The USA Mens’ Archery Team.

The Mens’ Archery Team is Brady EllisonJake Kaminski, and Jacob Wukie, and these menz did the impossible with their ousting of the South Korean team, who had won Gold in three previous competitions, but settled for Bronze today. (One of the menz on the South Korean team, Im Dong-hyun, is LEGALLY BLIND, btw. His strategy is to “aim at the yellow blob” on the target, and apparently that has been working spectacularly because he is a previous world record holder and broke his own personal record earlier today. Good job, Korean Archer Dude!)

Back to the USA Team, they competed head to head in the final with Italy and grabbed the Silver medal, missing Gold by only one point! They did secure the first medal for the USA, though, and looked super cute while doing it.

via; Ellison, Kaminski and Wukie, l to r.

Congrats on your medal, boys. I hope to see more of you guys hunting things and killing Career Tributes and taking down The Capitol in the next few days!

Hottie MVP goes to Jake Kaminski, cos he’s adorable:

Hello cutie.

Okay PrimeTime Swimming starts in 8 minutes! SEE YOU THEN, INNERNETS.

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