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Olympics Day 1 in Photos!

July 28, 2012

If you’re anything like me, you have spent your entire day glued to the TV. I did shower, so.. baby steps. How anyone could do anything but stay and watch DAY 1 OF THE OLYMPICS is beyond me. Today I had the sad reality of how I cannot be an Olympian because of my Nasonex usage (steroids!).

Celisse has other ideas as to why..

This morning began with the men’s cycling road race event, won by 38-year-old Kazakh Alexandre Vinokourov.

It was a nice moment, he of course seemed genuinely thrilled, but it was really hard to watch Taylor Phinney, 4th place finisher’s absolute agony.

“Now I have three days to lay in bed and hopefully not watch replays of this race and cry, curled up in a ball,” he said.

Phinney, 22, has a long career ahead of him, I’m sure. Keep your chin up, Phinns!

Also having a bit of a disappointing day, the Great Britain men’s beach volleyball team.Made up of Steve Grotowski and John Garcia-Thompson, two of the most tan Brits I’ve ever seen (Grotowski is an ex-pat living in Florida and Garcia-Thompson was born in and plays for Spain), they are the first team Great Britain has ever had in this event.

Not having a disappointing day? Anyone who got to watch beach volleyball today. With this view, how could it be possible?

Celisse already covered the nail biter that was archery. During archery, however, the commentator said something about how fighting for bronze is a whole different animal, basically implying that you don’t fight as hard and no one really cares who wins bronze. Taylor Phinney and Valentina Vezzali would disagree. And I’m sure South Korea would totally disagree had they lost the bronze in archery after being THE FAVORITES.

Valentina Vezzali doesn’t give a fuck about winning a crummy bronze medal.

The Italians swept women’s foil, an event which looked like it should’ve been the actual sequel to Tron (and a good way for me to practice my Francais).

Table tennis and badminton were TERRIFYING. Have you ever seen someone play that intensely? Don’t if you value your sanity. I could be wrong, but I don’t think medals were given out for either event today. I also tried watching a bit of equestrian, and I don’t know what was happening. Here’s a picture of a horse.


Also not yet at the medal point, Women’s Volleyball. Team USA beat Team South Korea 3-1 today.

The announcers did their darndest to make Destinee Hooker a star. She played great today, but part of me thinks it’s because they really wanted to say her name over and over again. And based on her bad ass Olympic ring nails and finger wraps that say Mom and Dad, she doesn’t hate them for her name either.

THE BIG EVENT OF THE DAY: Men’s 400 IM, which has been spoiled by everyone and their mother by this point almost didn’t play out right since Michael Phelps came in EIGHTH in the heat, just edging out Lazlo Cseh. Lazlo Cseh rules, guys. It’s such a bummer that he didn’t get to participate in this final. I can’t even imagine what it is like to just swim hard enough to lose your heat by .07 seconds in an event that you’ve previously medaled on and lose out on being in the final because everyone in the last heat KILLED IT. What do you do?! Better luck in the rest of the games, Cseh.

Anyways, the race happened, and as we all know, Lochte won the gold medal, and we here at Olyvil are VERY PROUD of him. However, you could see on his face that he’s bummed that Phelps didn’t even medal. As am I. It’s hard to battle in lane 8. Phelps came off the heats saying that his race was terrible, and his post race interview implies about the same. He’s clearly SO disappointed and won’t even look the interviewer in the eye at this point. Think this is going to be an unfinished business kind of case come 2016 in Rio? Or if he does attempt a comeback , will he sadly flame out like the Thopedo has in his attempts?

Whatever this is supposed to be a strictly picspam post, LOVE YOU, LOCHTE. Congrats!!

It is your year, and if the gold medal didn’t prove that, the three almost back to back commercials I’ve just seen you in would.

Misty May and Kerri Walsh have again continued their dominance of having never lost a set in the Olympics. And to my knowledge, this year, no wedding rings have been lost or human ashes spread out yet. YET.

My favorite Olympian in the world is Jonathan Horton, my pocket-sized fellow Houstonian. (When I talk about favorites or hotties or anything really, you have to understand that Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte are automatically excluded, because duh, they rule, and they are a large reason this blog even exists to begin with). Jo Ho, by the way, apparently said, “This is sick,” upon entering the arena, and that pretty much proves everything you need to know about him.

Don’t you just feel proud looking at them?

Mostly, I’m just happy the Olympics are back. I’m glad to see familiar faces. Peter Vanderkaay, Michael Phelps, Brendan Hansen, Eric Shanteau, Stephanie Rice, Natalie Coughlin, Jonathan Horton, Libby Trickett, etc. etc.

Speaking of, old faces, Eric Shanteau did not qualify for the final in the 100m breaststroke, so his Olympics are already over. You’re still my favorite chihuahua.

Natalie Coughlin might have swam in her last event as an Olympian ever today, during the 3rd leg of the women’s relay heat. She wasn’t chosen for the final, which is unbelievably disappointing to me. Love you, Natalie!

And hopefully I get to see Eamon Sullivan’s torso soon. It’s been too long.

The man, the myth, the legend.

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