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Olympics Day 2 in Photos!

July 29, 2012

Things that I could medal in this weekend: overeating, dusting, sleeping, sinus rinses, Olympics watching. I’m holding out hope that these events are added in 2016. I’ll even stop using Nasonex for it!

Day 2 has thus far been a typical rainy day in London, making it the perfect day for Team Great Britain’s first medal! The Netherlands’ Marianne Vos won gold in the women’s road race, but all of the headlines are about Lizzie Armitstead and her silver medal.

Congrats, Lizzie!

Women’s team archery had a sad early knock-out for Team USA and South Korea won the gold, redeeming the men from the lowly bronze they won yesterday. My new favorite? Choi Hyeonju and her Jeannette the Chipmunk glasses.

Get it, gurl!

Basketball started today, with USA beating France 98-71. Michelle Obama was on hand to give out plenty of sweaty hugs.

Other basketball favorites, Team Espana of the Gasols’ (or if you are me, of Jose Calderon) started out shockingly bad against China.

Two of my favorite Spaniards of all time.

The score ended up being a respectable 98-81, but if you had been watching the first three quarters, you would never have predicted that scoreline to end it.

Elsewhere, US men’s volleyball beat Serbia in three sets, with Serbia shooting themselves in the foot several times. Matt Anderson basically emerged as a volleyball star dreamboat today.

NBC’s coverage of countries other than the USA can be severely lacking sometimes, and while we are not really covering the heats or semis around these parts (THERE’S JUST TOO MANY), I would like to give a big shout-out to the 4×100 men’s relay team: Jimmy Feigen, Ricky Berens, Matt Grevers and Jason Lezak. Matt Grevers is a personal favorite of mine, and Jason Lezak is a personal favorite of AMERICA. I couldn’t find any photos of this so I went ahead and took a picture of my TV. Judge me.

(l to r) Lezak, Feigan, Grevers, Berens

Tonight’s swimmers will be Nathan Adrian, Cullen Jones, Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, all stars and all deserving, and Matt Grevers totally agrees.

Grevers said he wouldn’t have a problem if none of the prelim swimmers were kept on. They will receive the same medals the final swimmers get, should they medal.

“I don’t think I have any doubt Michael can throw an incredibly fast split,” said Grevers, who also qualified first into Sunday night’s 100 backstroke semis (49 minutes before the 4×100 relay final). “Nathan and Cullen showed themselves at trials, and they’re always very trustworthy. And Ryan, you saw him blow the 400 IM out of the water. That guy’s hot, and you’ve got to go with what’s hot.”

Team spirit! I have NO IDEA who swam the heat for Australia, but Eamon Sullivan is swimming tonight, and I’d better get at least one shot of torso if they know what’s good for them.

US skeet shooter Kim Rhode won the gold today hitting 99 OUT OF 100 TARGETS. She is the first US athlete to win medals in five separate Olympics.

Don’t know what’s happening, but hey!

Great Britain defeated the UAE in men’s soccer today. It was as unimpressive as the Spain/China game, and the scoreline will make you think otherwise. Well, they won and Rambo played. So let’s get it together.

And Spain, beautiful sweet Spain, serious contender Spain, was eliminated today.

I KNOW, Juan Mata. I feel exactly the same way. We’ll get through this together.

More good news for Kazakhstan. 19-year-old Zulfiya Chinshanlo won gold and set a world record in women’s 53 kilogram weightlifting. She’s been weightlifting since she was 11.

Abigail Johnson and Kelci (not Kobe) Bryant won silver in synchronized diving. They were great! Apparently some sort of USA diving curse was lifted today, because 12 years in Olympics is a curse.

Dana Vollmer set a new world record (AHHHH YEAHHHH) and freaked the hell out about it, naturally.

The intense rivalry that is Brendan Hansen and Kosuke Kitajima in the breast stroke takes its probable final bow tonight (and I was spoiled, because everyone on earth sucks and is not very nice besides me, Celisse, Samuel L. Jackson, Richard Lawson and Dirk Nowitzki understand how to watch things as a community in primetime with the Costas). Brendan Hansen gets the bronze!!! And Kitajima didn’t medal, so I think that Hansen can feel like he has no more unfinished business in this one. I AM SO HAPPY FOR BRENDAN HANSEN. SO SO HAPPY.

Hansen says this will be the “the shiniest bronze medal you will ever see ever.”

The older I get the less I can handle watching women’s gymnastics. They’re just SO YOUNG and so injured all over the place and so much pressure. So much pressure! Anyways, nice work, ladies. If you want, next Olympics I’ll braid your hair.

BOY OH BOY, NBC’S COVERAGE SUCKS. I know about all kinds of swimmers that had I never watched before, I wouldn’t know they exist. Really disappointing. Especially disappointing because we were deprived of a shot of the beauty of Eamon Sullivan’s torso. And EVEN MORE DISAPPOINTING, because Ryan Lochte had no damned business being the anchor of the US team. So we got the silver, the Frenchies got gold, and Australia came in FOURTH.

A bit of torso for the road.

Nobody is more disappointed than Lochte himself, that much is obvious, but considering how much pomp and circumstance surrounds him this year, we don’t want him turning into a Katie Hoff. Kudos to all four of them, though. No one is allowed to say Phelps is done after his amazing leg, and Nathan Adrian and Cullen Jones also destroyed it. Don’t get me wrong, Lochte did really well, he just didn’t have the closing speed required. Silver medals still rule!!

America’s boos. (Phelps, Adrian, Jones and Lochte in the water)

Sadly, work is going to get in the way of my covering about 14 sports a day in photos, so tomorrow’s post will probably be mostly primetime. It’s been fun!

And because it can’t be shared enough, EAMON SULLIVAN’S TORSO (now with added tattoo?)

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  1. stefanie permalink
    July 29, 2012 8:11 pm

    i feel like i could give you a run for your money in the sinus rinse category. 16 oz a day, what what! but i don’t know if i could give up nasonex.

  2. July 29, 2012 10:07 pm

    Poor sweet Lochte, I love him still. Silver is still such an accomplishment and I think we know that as spectators, but the team sometimes forgets. Poor Cullen looks MORTIFIED. :C My boos, they’re all so awesome.

    Look how proud Brendan is of that Bronze! Take a note, relay team. ❤ ❤


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