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Olympics 2012 Primetime Recap Day 2

July 30, 2012

HELLO INTERNET. This is really late. I’m sorry DON’T JUDGE ME.

Yesterday was yet another crazy and wonderful day of Olympic drama, and I’ll provide you with the highlights so far, organized by each sport I watched. Let’s get started!

Basketball: USA vs FRA

The USA Men’s Basketball team competed against France today in their first day of competition, with a winning score of 98-71!

…That’s all I have to say, apparently. In my head this section was a lot longer.

OH. They did get to hug Michelle Obama. BALLER. See Kim’s post below for details on that.


Listen, we all know what happened. I’m not going to talk about it other than to say Michael Phelps did a great job and basically slapped everyone in the face who implied that he’s not taking these games seriously after ONE race. Lochte and the rest of the relay team are all amazing athletes and they have plenty of opportunities to showcase their talent during the rest of the competition. The end.

The REALLY exciting swimming news is that the comeback kid himself, USA’s Brendan Hansen, finally got to go head to head with that dolphin-kicking dick, Japan’s Kosuke Kitajima, in the 100m Butterfly last night. Brendan Hansen earned himself a bronze medal in that race while Kitajima didn’t make it to the podium at all.

When asked for comment, Kitajima slithered away like the evil slug he is.

OH GOD THAT WAS MEAN I’M SORRY I DIDN’T MEAN IT. Congrats to Brendan Hansen on his medal! Don’t lose this one…..

via. You’re welcome, internet.

In other swimming news, while I am NO FAN of France’s Men’s Swimming Team, I am an appreciator of attractive men, so I ask you, France, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING CAMILLE LACOURT ALL THIS TIME?

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Exhibit C.

Camille LaCourt may swim for The Enemy, but he can cross my enemy lines any time he wants HOHHOHOHOHOHO.


Okay, I will admit that I went into watching last night’s Women’s Gymnastics like this:

But it was actually a very good show! The girls all did wonderfully until Floor Exercise, and I have new favorites in Gabby Douglas, who is so cute and obviously extremely talented, and Aly Raisman. I was so sad to see Jordyn Weiber break down when she found out she wouldn’t be competing in the All-Around finals, and it’s really frustrating to me AND BELA KAROLYI that each team can only submit two athletes for the all-around, even if other teams’ athletes are sub-par.

Gymnastics scoring is really frustrating.

Also frustrating is how NBC didn’t show us any other team competing. Seriously. I think we saw two people from GBR compete in single events, and that was it. They didn’t show Russia or China until AFTER primetime, which didn’t end until midnight! Since NBC is tape-delaying EVERYTHING, this is really inexcusable.

I mean, EAMON SULLIVAN swam last night and we didn’t get a SINGLE SHOT of Eamon Sullivan’s Torso. wtf!

NBC, seriously, this is the worst Olympic coverage you have ever done. You have 14 more days to get your shit together. Make it happen.

Synchronized Diving:

Probably my favorite broadcast I watched today. From a spectator’s perspective, it was totally done right. We’ve been reading a lot about how many people are angry about tape delays and all the things NBC has been doing wrong, which I touched on earlier, but for Synchro Diving we got to see more than just the USA compete, and the features were kept to a minimum (although it was crystal clear how much NBC wanted us to fall in love with Abby Johnston and Kelci Bryant).

Wu Minxia and He Zi of China of course won the Gold in this event, with a score of 346.20, but the unexpected triumph came from Johnston and Bryant of the USA, who placed second in competition with a score of 321.90, earning a silver medal for the US, their first medal in this event in 12 years.

I like these girls. They seem cute and nice and apparently they both collect rubber duckies. That’s.. weird. But cute.

Congrats ladies!

Other finalist teams included Canada, Italy, who seemed to be competing for last place, but actually came in 3rd and 4th, respectively (how that happened, I’ll never understand, as Canada seemed to screw up every single one of their dives, and Italy only really screwed up one of them, but I’m not the expert). Great Britain was also in the finals in their home country, but they didn’t really make much of a splash. (PUN!)

Okay I’m done here! I’ll leave you with this gem from last night:

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  1. August 1, 2012 11:35 am

    Thanks for the link to our blog and great article. Congrats to Brendan, go team #USA!!

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