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Olympics Day 3 in Photos!

July 30, 2012

My dedication to you all (and the Olympics!) means that instead of going to my favorite monthly comedy show tonight, I’ve chosen to watch several more primetime (and some DVRed) hours of this.

This morning started with Serbia and South Korea battling it out women’s volleyball style. It was exciting, if only because it’s the first team sport I’ve seen in these games that hasn’t been won in straight sets. Serbia really gave South Korea a run for their money in the third set, and then collapsed again (as far as I can tell.. I was on the train when the match ended).

No relation to Rod Blagojevich.

Caught a little bit of men’s rowing pair today, and in the heat of four teams, THREE OF THEM would make the semifinal. USA started out really strong, faded really fast, and barely made it in as the third team. Whew. What makes this notable, though, is that the US rowers are Tom Peszek and Silas Stafford. Stafford has won my new favorite Olympic name (sorry, Liam Tancock).

Don’t blame me, Tancock!

What I’ve learned about rowing today is that they changed the oars not too long ago and it shifted all of the injuries from back to the ribs. And that the USA rowers seem like fun.

Stafford threw Peszek into the water and then jumped in after they qualifed for the Olympics.

Blowing away the field on this one, though, Germany’s Anton Braun and Felix Drahotta.

USA beat Brazil in women’s volleyball 3-1. Kobe Bryant was on hand to take it all in, which made me feel really happy on the inside. Can’t throw your ego around at the Olympics.

Onto primetime! I am not sure that I like any event more than synchronized diving, and I really sadly, find fewer people in the world more beautiful than Tom Daley. So, this is perfect. Except that they messed up one dive really brutally and yikes.


Opposite of yikes.

He’s just taunting us at this point.

ANYHOO, he is only 18. Inappropriate. Creeping is inevitable, as Celisse would say.

David Boudia and Nicholas McCrory did amazing and ended up with bronze, and Mama Boudia cried and it was all just nice. Olympics, you’re nice!

Take THAT, “diving curse!”

Kudos to all of the diving medalists, China, Mexico & USA.

German Sanchez Sanchez, Ivan Garcia Navarro, Cao Yuan, Zhang Yanquan, Nicholas McCrory and David Boudia

In other athletes visiting other athletes news, Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook watched Misty May and Kerri Walsh do their thang (aka win every set of every game they play).

Apparently it is everyone that Misty May knows’ (including herself!!) birthday. And Kerri Walsh has a child named Sundance. I just don’t know anymore, guys.

Athletes all just hang out with each other.

In case you were wondering, there’s an Australian swimmer named Bronte Barrett. Here she is with Stephanie Rice.

No words.

Okay, so here’s the thing. I love Ryan Lochte, and he’s amazing, but with the 9324934 people working for him that have been cramming him down our throats (not sexily) and with our build them up to tear them down society, I just can’t. When Phelps was competing for his eight (!!!) in Beijing, I’m sure there were people ready to knock him down a peg, but what we really had was UNITYand EXCITEMENT and we’re just not getting that with Lochte. Whether it’s the fault of his PR or whatever, everyone just needs to chill out. I just wish that he had come into these Olympics with a quieter confidence. And maybe he does at this point, too. Dude came in FOURTH in an event at the Olympics. Medals are medals, and they’re great, and I’m sure it’s totally disappointing, but at the end of the day, these are elite athletes. Congratulations for even being there. Seriously. Yannick Agnel, who clearly has Lochte’s number at these games, won the gold.

In happier news, Missy Franklin, 17 and my new favorite USA lady swimmer won her first gold medal tonight in the 100m backstroke with a new American record and the most adorable parents on the planet.

MATTY GREVERS! He’s another personal favorite, if you’re new here.

The favorite in the 100m backstroke in this post Aaron Peirsol world, Grevers locked it down and won gold (setting an Olympic record and blowing his girlfriend a kiss in the process). Nick Thoman, fellow US swimmer, won silver. USA! USA!

Papa bear!

One of the biggest surprises of these Olympics (if only because NBC is actually talking about someone who isn’t American), is Ruta Meilutye of Lithuania, a new arrival to the games at the age of 15. She has been overcome with emotions throughout the entire games, but it hasn’t prevented her from winning gold in the women’s 100m breaststroke. It’s hard to handle how young these athletes are sometimes, it’s oddly refreshing to see someone acting their age (while winning a gold medal!)

The 100m started off weird, though, with a false beep that sent Breeja Larson into the pool early. She seemed rightfully angry, but very complimentary of silver medal winning teammate Rebecca Soni. It was Breeja’s first Olympic final, so don’t worry, Breeja and Ruta should be around for many more races.

With the things I said about Ryan Lochte above, I present to you, Tyler Clary. Everybody just shut up. Negativity gets you nowhere. I just love you, Michael Phelps. You’ve been my little Milky for 12 years now.

“My swimming does the talking.”

In closing, the US men’s gymnastics team had a really, really bad night. We didn’t get to see many other countries, and we didn’t get to see very much Jonathan Horton. I wish that they had performed better, but I’m definitely proud of them overall. Those floor exercises were impressive. Sometimes you just crack.

“You were flying today, buddy.” “Yes, I was flying. But a little too close to the sun.”

In case you were wondering, Fabien Hambuchen did compete this year, though to my knowledge he was never shown on US televison.

In the end, it was Great Britain, bronze, Japan, silver & China repeating with the gold.

The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry were on hand for the excitement. One maybe more into it than the other.

The home country is very, very proud.

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