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Olympics Day 4 in Photos!

August 1, 2012

In case you were wondering, being a very, very busy person who is also trying to watch as much Olympics as humanly possible and avoid all spoilers is turning me into the real embodiment of Bridget Jones. I’ve been getting take away almost every night, staying up really late to find YOU PEOPLE pictures of half naked Nathan Adrian (not that difficult) and then singing “All By Myself” in my pajamas.

Part of me wants this to be over. Perish the thought!

My DVR never actually seems to DVR the events that are supposed to be on according to NBC’s schedule, so to add to the list of gripes, it doesn’t seem that NBC is even possible of sticking to its own created tape delay plan. Sigh. And my own DVR betrayed me for about an hour of primetime, so there’s a sad gap in my knowledge.

I did watch some white water rafting, though. And I’ve already forgotten who won, so here’s another photo of Nathan Adrian.


Brendan Hansen was adorably on hand to watch the men’s 200m breaststroke. This is my first introduction to Scott Weltz, who despite being from San Jose as a sort of confusing accent.

The defending gold medalist US men’s volleyball team beat Germany in 3 straight sets. These guys are good.

William Priddy is pumped.

Vincent Hancock, 23-year-old, won gold today for the US in men’s skeet shooting. He hit 148 out of 150 targets. Damn, Vincent.

Hancock (center) with bronze medalist Nasser Al-Attiya (Qater) and silver medalist Anders Golding (Denmark)

I’m so happy to report that there was an event featured tonight that had no qualifying US competitors – women’s 10m syncho diving. Tom Daley was on hand to cheer on his GBR teammates, Sarah Barrow and Tonia Couch.

As you can maybe tell from the picture, it wasn’t their night. China, Mexico and Canada went 1-2-3, with Espinosa of Mexico winning silver on her birthday, awww.

Mens 100m Freestyle really threw me for a loop by showing me Eamon Sullivan’s name (sans torso), but alas it was just a reminder that he has a record in this event even though he no longer swims it. This is Cullen Jones’ first individual Olympic event, and he sadly did not make it into the final. Nathan Adrian is the favorite tomorow night (and maybe every night if you’re Celisse).


Allison Schmitt won gold in the women’s 200m free. Camille Muffat, France, won silver. My new favorite Aussie swimmer Bronte Barrett won the bronze. Missy Franklin didn’t medal, but she’s the happiest person on earth, so it’s cool!

Women’s gymnastics just flat out ruled tonight. The judges were trying to bring everyone’s buzz down, but damn the perfection from everyone all around. We saw several countries doing several different events! This is what I have wanted for four days! Score comparisons with the other countries after each rotation! Young adults wearing false eyelashes!! I teared up a little after Aly Raisman ran off the mat after her floor exercise with tears in her eyes knowing that they were about to win the gold medal.

But that’s not all, no no. Michael Phelps today became the most decorated Olympian ever (19 medals in 21 finals, are you kidding me?). Conor Dwyer, Ryan Lochte, Ricky Berens and Phelps (for the first time as an anchor!) took the gold in the 4×200 relay. Lochte came into this one rested and swam a very, very successful leg. The Phelps’ phamily cried, I cried, Michael Phelps just did a lot of “Woooooooo”-ing. (Phelps also won silver earlier in the day in the 200m butterfly, but that was eaten by my DVR).



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  1. matt permalink
    August 1, 2012 12:19 pm

    You’re right, it IS frustrating not knowing what NBC is going to pull with the coverage of this year’s Olympics. I also hate that I can’t go through my day without finding out all of the results…UNintentionally. I just got my Hopper HD DVR from Dish, and when a Dish coworker told me I would have 2,000 hours of recording time to enjoy, I decided to just set the DVR and isolate myself throughout the day. Now, when I get home I just turn on my recordings and watch straight through. It also has Prime Time Anytime, a feature that will automatically record up to 6 live HD programs at once. With all the channels, scheduling changes and more, the Hopper is saving my Olympics!

    • August 1, 2012 5:58 pm

      I’m gonna approve this comment but listen up, Matt, don’t think I don’t see this for the spammy spam comment it is. Psh.

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