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Olympics Day 5 in Photos!

August 1, 2012

Woke up, turned on Olympics, lather, rinse, repeat, cry.

Kristin Armstrong of the US won her second straight gold medal in women’s individual time trial cycling (say that five times fast).


Apparently at the end of this race there’s a stage with what can only be described as three thrones, and Olga Zabelinskaya, whose time lead for most of the race just sat up there throughout. Is this a thing that people do? She was the only one sitting up there, so are you only allowed if you have the high time? And she could’ve been knocked from first at the second or third cyclist, but she wasn’t. So she just sat up there with the smuggest look on her fact until she sheepishly had to move to the second throne (when Germany’s Judith Arndt passed her time) and then over to the third when Kristin won. Just bizarre. Can anyone explain? Is that normal?

Way too tired for a real post.

Taylor Phinney came in fourth again. Sad.

Individual men’s archery started today. Brady Ellison kicked ass. That’s all I’ve been able to see so far.

I can’t talk about men’s gymnastics. It’s too upsetting.

As much as I love swimming, taking the semifinals out of primetime would cut at least an hour out of this tedious show they’re putting on every night.

But they did bring me my new favorite name. Ranomi Kromowidjojo.



Phelps and Lochte celebrating Adrian’s gold medal win warmed my heart. Magnusson won silver and had this to say:

“I’ve just got to try and pick myself back up,” Magnussen said. “I’ve still got a job to do. I’m still just early on in my career” he added. “There will definitely be more Olympics to come.


Dude won a silver medal and it’s still not enough. Sigh.

Rebecca Soni set a world record in the semis and then looked like she really needed to take a nap immediately in the pool.

Maybe Ricky Berens will give her a good massage tonight.

Awwwwww. (via)

USA won the women’s 4×200 relay with Alison Schmitt bringing it on home.

Australia (with my girl Bronte Barratt) came in second. France won bronze.

Dannell Leyva let Ryan Seacrest touch his towel, so we’re done here. We’re done.

(But congrats on the medal, dude. Coming back from 17th place is pretty impressive.)

Danell Leyva (bronze, USA); Kohei Uchimura (gold, Japan); Marcel Nguyen (bronze, Germany)


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  1. August 1, 2012 11:03 pm

    I cannot believe he made that crazy comeback! CANNOT BELIEVE IT.

    I want to know what happened to John, NBC. Ughhhh. I bet he puked.

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