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Olympics 2012 Primetime Liveblog Day 6!

August 3, 2012


Today is day 6 of the Olympics and I am slightly exhausted from blogging all the time but OMG. Just saw a teaser for tomorrow’s Track & Field events, which I thought weren’t going to start until next week, but they are starting TOMORROW and now I’m am newly excited!

That’s what I love about the Olympics. Well, I love a lot of things about the Olympics but in this case I love that once you start to get kinda bored of staring at the same abs all week, THERE’S A WHOLE SLEW OF SPORTS YOU HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN YET! WITH NEW SETS OF ABS! AHHH!

Okay, so Primetime began a little while ago and the big events for tonight are the final ~*~*LOCHTE/PHELPS SHOWDOWN*~*~ Lochte also has another final tonight, so he will be swimming two finals about 30 minutes apart. Go Lochte go! Tomorrow is his birthday so I hope he gets a shiny gold medal to help him celebrate.

I believe Phelps also has more events still so there’s still more to come from them.

Know what more is NOT to come? Any shots from NBC of Eamon Sullivan’s Torso. This is ridiculous. SHOW US THE TORSO, NBC. SHOW IT.

The other big event tonight, of course, is the Women’s Gymnastics AA Final. Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman will be competing for individual medals tonight so that should be a HOOT. Hopefully it goes better than that trainwreck that was the Men’s final from last night. I KNOW DANELL LEYVA WON A BRONZE MEDAL but thanks for giving me a heart attack, menz. Jeez.

Okay, let’s get started on tonight’s coverage.


Okay, they’re showing us the final of the Women’s Eight, which I have never seen before. It differs from regular rowing, I guess, because there clearly are eight people in the boat, plus the coxswain, instead of just two. Yeah.

I always think I could be a good rower. I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO THINK THIS. I think it’s just that these super athletes (or “career tributes,” as I think of them) make everything look so easily when in reality I would push the oar like 5 times and then just jump out of the boat and run away and get eaten by the loch ness monster or something. Wait that’s Scotland. Well, whatever the English version of Nessie is.

Oh, the USA won. CONGRATS LADIES. During the post-race interview, they made this weird joke. I don’t know their names so you will have to bear with me here:

Before the race, I told Mary, I said, ‘You’re my brain, and I’m your body. And we’re all.. we’re ALL Mary’s body.’ And she goes, ‘What a great body.’

Yeah, weird.

Anyway Canada won the silver, and the Nederlands won the bronze.



It was boring. That is literally all I have to say. I am bored with indoor volleyball.


Right now they’re showing semi-finals of the Men’s 50 Free, aka the worst event to liveblog because it’s over before I finish a sentence. But, whatever. The lineup for the Final tomorrow night includes Cullen Jones, Eamon Sullivan’s Torso, and Cesar Cielo (HE’S SO CRAZY AND WE HAVEN’T SEEN ENOUGH OF HIS CRAZY SO FAR OTHER THAN HIS RED RED RED PECS FROM HITTING HIMSELF IN THE CHEST THE OTHER DAY). James Magnussen just misses out on advancing. :C Boo for hotties.

Since NBC won’t show us The Torso, I will show us The Torso:


Women’s 200M Breaststroke

Okay, the first final of the night is the Women’s 200M Breaststroke. Rebecca Soni is the American favorite for this event and they’re doing a feature on her, which I accept because as I said a few days ago, I want to be BFF with all of the American Swimmers, and half the international ones too. I JUST LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH.

Rebecca is the cutest, btw, and I love her Swim Romance with Ricky Berens. Cutest swimmer couple ever.

Rebecca is wearing a BRIGHT PINK suit and I love it. Overall, though, the suits this year are so boring. They’re all boring solids. In Beijing they had those crazy star spangled suits that I loved! Another note on the suits, I miss when the men used to wear the full-body suits and then after their races would unzip and roll them down WAY lower than the jammers ever go. So inappropriate but so hot. Bahahah.

Meeeeemories. via.

Rebecca Soni is at the World Record line AHHH! She’s gonna make it. SHE DOES IT. SHE GETS A GOLD MEDAL AND BREAKS THE WORLD RECORD AND SHE’S SO EXCITED! I AM ALSO EXCITED! CAPSLOCK!!! She gets a back-to-back Olympic gold in this event. AW MAN, SO HAPPY FOR HER.


Men’s 200M Backstroke

HELLO okay this is Lochte’s first final of the evening. UGH Clary is in this race, he needs to back the f off. At the 100M mark Lochte is in the lead, GO LOCHTE GO LOCHTE. OMG Clary is RIGHT NEXT to Lochte. HE’S PULLING AHEAD AHHH OH GOD WAIT OH NOOOO GOD NOOO WHY OH GOD WHYYYYEEEE.


UGHHHHH. Clary on the bottom, Lochte center, and Irie on top. via.

Men’s 200IM

PHELPS/LOCHTE SHOWDOWN! This is actually the last race for Lochte. Sigh. I hope his head in the game for this. OH GOD okay. at 100M Phelps is in 1st place and is ahead of the world record line AHHH. Lochte is just below him in lane 4. Pereira from Brazil is also keeping close to them. 50M left and Phelps is still in the lead! AHHH. AHHHHH!!!!


Kim is swooning. Seriously.

They cut to a shot of Lochte’s dad and two different people both sent me the following separately:

(Referring of course, to this exchange from last night.)

I love these guys so much. I know all about how douchey they are (well, mostly Lochte, but still), but I love them anyway. I love how dedicated they are to their crazy sport and I love their rivalry but most of all I love their bromance. Omg. Please indulge me in a moment of picspam.

Clearly Milky is making fun of Ryan for missing out on gold, AGAIN. via.
BFL: Bros for life. via.

Women’s 100M Free

This is like Missy Franklin’s 800th swim. I’m rooting for her. I am so excited from Gymnastics (posted below) that I am too exhausted to be excited about this. A bunch of people I don’t know all medaled in this. Missy had a bad start and didn’t get on the podium. SORRY MISSY. I STILL LOVE YOU. GIVE LOCHTE A HUG WHEN YOU GET A CHANCE.


Phelps has one more swim in a semi-final tonight and he breaks a world record and he is amazing and we all know that. I am not liveblogging a semi, though, so that’s all you get. TUNE IN TOMORROW.


Ahh it’s staring it’s starting! I tried to watch this live on MBC Olympics this afternoon and it was a huge failure. HUGE failure. They showed two ads literally for every one routine they showed. It was RIDICULOUS. I gave up after 15 minutes or so. About 10 of those minutes were ads so it was not worth it. Thanks a lot, NBC. Useless as always.


Anyway, HELLO. Gabby Douglas is up on vault and she does an amazing vault. She lands ALMOST ALMOST ALMOST in the out of bounds red area, but she doesn’t get a deduction and gets a 15.9 and change.


Aly Raisman goes next and thankfully we have not seen her crazy mother YET. She also does an amazing vault and takes a similar step to the side as Gabby did, but the announcers tore apart Gabby about it and yet said nothing about Aly. Annoying. SHUT UP, ANNOUNCERS.

Victoria Komova from Russia is next and homegurl basically steps OFF the mat on her landing. What’s her deal with that? She seems to do it a lot. She still gets a pretty high score and I don’t understand.

Uneven Bars

Aly Raisman is on bars now and one of the announcers actually says, while critiquing the shit out of Aly, “I know I sound obnoxiously critical.”

YES, YOU DO. Even Samuel L. Jackson agrees.

Aly earns a 14.333. YAY! I don’t understand the green, yellow, and red tags though. I understand they signify how well someone does, but they don’t make any sense.

Victoria is up next on bars and she actually does VERY well for once. She earns a 15.666.

Deng Linlin from China is the tiniest little gymnast I’ve ever seen and watching her on bars is terrifying because it looks like she actually can’t even throw her tiny body hard enough to get the power on bars she needs to do the elements. She doesn’t get a very high score, either, which makes me sad because she did a pretty good job. :C

Mustafina does a great set on bars, tbh. She gets a 16.1 and change.

Gabby Douglas of course does an AMAZING routine. THESE GIRLS ARE FLAWLESS, DUDE. I’m such a fan. She gets a 15.733

I always find it hard to get attached to gymnasts because you see ’em one time and then they’re gone by the next Olympics most of the time! With swimmers it’s different — I’ve been following most of those people for 12 years already! But I love love love these girls this year. They won me over.

Okay so after this second rotation, Gaby is in 1st place (!!!!), Victoria Komova is in 2nd, Aliya Mustafina is 3rd, and Aly Raisman is 4th. Go go go Aly!


Victoria is first on Beam. Let’s see how she does. So far she’s doing very well and has had minimal balance checks. EEEE she does some crazy flippy thing and loses her balance just a little bit but gains control. Ahh she does some crazy dismount that apparently was named after Carly Patterson and has the highest level of difficulty, and she lands it and doesn’t completely bounce off the mat, so good job.


Aliya Mustafina is on beam now and she fell off! Oh man! This is not good. BUT IT’S GREAT FOR ALY RAISMAN.

I understand Aliya isn’t doing very well (at all) but she looks just MISERABLE. Like she honestly doesn’t even look like she enjoys this sport. Why is she here? Put that bitchface in check, girl.

Gabby is up. Homegirl is doing awesome, OF COURSE. She does her dismount which she flips like 18 times and then jumps in the air and turns into a beautiful eagle and sets the whole place on fire, and the announcer is like, NOW WE’VE GOT A REAL BATTLE, and I’m thinking, do we? Because last I checked, Gabby was already in 1st place. So she clearly will still be in 1st place. But okay. She gets a massive 15.5! YAYAY

Okay, Aly is next on beam. Oh man! She was doing okay and then she did a little something (who knows how to describe it) and she ALMOST fell off the beam. She managed to catch her balance by putting her hand on the beam and the announcers are saying that a big deduction. Crap. She is freaking out. Oh man, she gets a 14.2 which is, I guess exceptionally low, and it drops her to 5th place. UGHHH NO.


Floor Exercise

Deng LinLin from China is up first and she is super cute. She’s so tiny! She does a great floor exercise but her face afterwards is so hilarious. You can definitely see the relief on her face like: “Oh god, Glad THAT is over.” She gets a 14.33 :C


Mustafina is up next. I’m so over this girl, seriously. If she medals, I’ll be annoyed. NOT A FAN. She does a great performance and then still looks miserable. Go away, asshole face. She gets a 14.6.

Gabby is next! GO GIRL GO GIRL. The announcer says something ridiculous right before her routine:

They say a crowded room can sometimes be the loneliest place in the world.

Oh, shut up.

Gabby’s routine is great and the whole stadium is cheering and clapping along. She smiles HUGE after her dismont and waves to the crowd and they are LOVING this little girl, dude. It’s so exciting. They show her family all hugging and its sweet. Gabby gets a 15.033 AAHHHHHH. She’s definitely getting a gold medal. SO EXCITED FOR HER.

It’s Aly’s turn and I don’t know how she’s going to do this. I’m crossing my fingers for her. She needs a 15.133 to get a bronze medal. AHHHH SHE JUST DID THIS CRAZY TUMBLE ACROSS THE WHOLE PLATFORM AND STUCK THE LANDING AND IT WAS AMAZING.

Oh my God, after waiting like 150 minutes for Aly’s score, she scores exactly 15.133! It’s a TIE with Mustfina?! WHAT?

Okay, Victoria is up next and she has to royally screw up her Floor in order for Aly (and Aliya?) to get silver. OMG Okay she did AMAZING. SERIOUSLY AMAZING.

I’m typing in so much caps in this post.

Aliya and Victoria are hugging and its seriously sweet. She needs a 15.359 in order to surpass Gabby for gold and it’s totally possible, I think. OH MAN PLEASE LET GABBY GET THE GOLD.

I may not like Aliya but I like the big/little sister vibe she has with Victoria. via.
Waiting for the results!!! via.



Oh man okay, they just revealed that after calculating the scores, Aly Raisman drops to 4th place which means no medal, and that is the saddest, but I’m still so happy for Gabby ahhh!!!

So the final standings are Gabby Douglas 1st, Victoria Komova 2nd, and Aliya Mustafina 3rd. Wowwww. I’m happy for Victoria’s silver but I wish Aly had gotten the bronze.


After a bit more Swimming they are finally showing Gabby’s Medal Ceremony and they are playing Chariots of Fire while she gets her medal and its so cute. She looks so happy and excited!

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