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Olympics: The Final Day in Photos!

August 12, 2012

As previously mentioned, I missed yesterday because I was busy traveling the east coast to see the most



on the planet. (..And Cristiano Ronaldo).

Everything about every team that I am a fan of says that I should not be a fan of Real Madrid, but as a huge fan of the Spanish MNT for as long as I can remember being interested in soccer (the 2002 world cup), I can’t help it. And I know that means I should probably root for Barca more, but whatever. Leave me to my Real Madrid. Mostly leave me to my Arsenal, though.


Defending gold medalist and all around ball of wonderful-ness, Matthew Mitcham, did not make it through to the finals. It was sad.

He seemed understandably bummed and says he needs to reevaluate some things, possibly even switching to a different event.

David Boudia won gold and was very, very shocked.

Adorable l’il Qui Bo of China, won silver and basically looked like he felt like a giant failure in the process. Being sent to national diving school as a child will do that to you. I’m proud of you, Qui Bo.


And Great Britain’s shining jewel, Thomas Francis Daley (not his real name), won bronze and looked flat out THRILLED about it. Missy Franklin level thrilled.

As someone who has lost a parent at a young age but minus the whole Olympic athlete in your home country with the weight of said country on your shoulders, I’m super proud of him. And he’s already talking about winning gold in Rio, aww shucks. (Qui Bo probably disagrees).

And it brought me one of my favorite moments of the whole games, when his fellow GB teammates threw him in the pool.

Rank the happy.

Speaking of happiest moments of the games, Brigetta Barrett won silver for US in the women’s high jump. If high jump received more than 15 seconds of air time, Brigetta Barrett would be America’s sweetheart with Gabby Douglas and Missy Franklin. She sings to herself between jumps! She’s effervescent!

Basically women’s high jump as a whole was full of some of the sassiest, most amazing women I’ve ever seen. Gold went to Anna Chicherova and bronze went to Svetlana Shkolina, both of Russia.

This was an incredible disappointment to Chaunte Lowe and her Daphne-esque footwear.

USA women blew away the rest of the field in the 4x400m relay. There’s so much teamwork and happiness amongst these women, and UGH OLYMPICS I ALREADY MISS YOU.

(l to r) DeeDee Trotter, Allyson Felix, Francena McCorory, Sanya Richards-Ross

According to NBC, the Olympics committee switched the order of the 4x400m and 4x100m men’s relays because of Usain Bolt’s popularity. Thus, 4×100 was yesterday instead of two days ago. Usain Bolt continued to pile on to his legend status by helping Jamaica set a new world record.

US won silver, and I am still thoroughly confused by the tightness of their uniforms. I’m not convinced they don’t have to be sewn in like Olivia Newton-John in Grease.

Brazil won gold in women’s volleyball and captured the moment on an iPhone. (USA won silver)

France won gold in men’s handball and they all did the Usain Bolt.

In a really close match-up, USA men won basketball gold versus Spain. The game gave us this ridiculous picture.

And this one.

James Harden + stuffed mascot.

And this one.

Lebron’s hungry!

Spain would prefer gold, but hugs all around! DON’T WORRY ILL COME HUG YOU NEXT YEAR.

Russia appreciate the bronze.

There are some rhythmic gymnastics and wrestling events on my TV, and a lot of events that I didn’t cover, but I’m going to go ahead and declare this Olympics closed.

The USA won the medal count (and the amount of golds!) with China in a VERY DISAPPOINTING 2ND. Great Britain came in a distant third, but it was a good showing for the host nation. Until next time (or.. tonight during the closing ceremony) Here’s to Rio!

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